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Announcing The Bubble Wrap Jump-Off!!

It’s pretty simple.

As Eventers, we have often joked about being able to bubble wrap ourselves and our horses.

In our on-going pursuit of raising the safety bar in our sport, though we have not fully committed to the above outfit, we are continually taking huge strides to protect our riders and teammates. Personally, I would love to see this kid’s outfit out there on XC, but then my students would lose my attention completely! Who could stop themselves from popping all of those bubbles!!!

In an effort to refrain from distracting riders and trainers alike, we have steered clear of actually using bubble wrap as a safety device. Instead, we have looked to Inflatable vests to cushion our falls (It’s pretty much the same thing, after all).

I realize you know all this already.

You know using an Inflatable Vest is a good thing.

You know there are 2 major brands.

You know they are cheaper than getting life flighted.

You know they are still kinda pricey.

You know you should have one, regardless of your level of competition.

What you don’t know is that here at Austin Eventing we have decided to put our money where our mouth is.

May I proudly introduce the Bubble Wrap Jump-Off!

Point Two Air Vest offers a payment plan for their vests. It costs roughly $45-50/month.

We believe so strongly in provided the safest eventing experience possible for our riders and teammates, that we decided to launch the Bubble Wrap Jump-Off. We want our riders wearing vests. Plain and simple. Having hit the deck with one on recently, it makes a tremendous difference. I don’t care what your level of riding is. You wouldn’t ride without a helmet, would you? I hope there comes a time that we feel the same way about XC and our vests.

Here are the details and how we have decided to put our priorities on the forefront:

Any Austin Eventer who buys a vest, whether on a payment plan or paid-in-full, will be offered a free group jump lesson per month.

You heard that right.

Free lesson per month.

The monthly payment of the vest is less than the cost of a lesson. Just saying. So really, Austin Eventing is buying your vest. That’s right. That’s how much we believe in keeping our riders bubble wrapped.

But what about those AE’ers that already HAVE a vest??? We certainly can’t punish them for being proactive.

For those of you who already have a vest, you can join the Bubble Wrap Jump-Off for $20. That $20 will go towards nibbles to be served at the next month’s lesson.

So there you have it.

Buy a vest, get free lessons.

*Email me for the rep contact for fitting/vest/technical questions.

**Also, I am not sponsored in any way by any inflatable vest nor by bubble wrap. Though being sponsored by bubble wrap would be amazing… let me know if we can make that happen!!!!

Check out this video for accents and examples!

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