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Rider Recap: Male Representation at Pine Hill

I enjoyed a great weekend at Pine Hill. The facility exceeds anything I have seen before for its natural setting and sheer size. I was challenged with new things to learn about eventing and being an equestrian in general.

Mostly, I was amazed and delighted with the new friends I found in the eventing community. I love how everyone works together, looks after each other, and shares so willingly of their own lives. I felt very welcome and it eased many of my own fears of screwing up.

Thank you all for helping me out with coordination, trailering procedures, and safety tips when I needed it. Thanks to Ellen for entrusting & loaning me, well, pretty much everything that she holds dear.

I even got my first equestrian swearing compliment! Sweeeet! Lisa, you so rocked it!

Brian Lippincott

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