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New Utah Location!!

What a week! Our lovely, heated, weather proof barn in Riverton, UT has officially closed and begun the demolition stage of it's existence. There were many sad faces as we walked around what is soon to be more housing.

As with most things, when one barn door closes, another opens and while everyone is sad to be re-locating, there is very much an air of excitement that comes intrinsic with change. I'm very excited to share the news that I have moved to Pegasus! Yes, Pegasus in Grantsville,UT. The very same Pegasus most of my event horses did their very first Paired Pace! Located 30 miles West of Downtown SLC, I could not be more excited to be based at this barn. I'm thrilled to be this close to Salt Lake and have access to the ammenities that the Pegasus Event Center has to offer. While we get settled, keep a close ear to on-goings. We have some exciting things planned here starting with the barn clean up day! All hands were on deck to help update some projects and build a new tack room. I'm so grateful for these dedicated riders and their assistance with power tools! Stay tuned! We are one step closer to World Domination.

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