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We Are Relocating!!

It's official!!

We have been sitting on this adventure of plotting and collaboration for long enough and are thrilled to be able to finally share it with you! Austin Eventing, run by Lisa Bauman, will be relocating to Blue Moon Farm in Wimberley, TX run by Laura Robinson and Ryan Null. With our powers combined...

we are...

Captain Planet!

Sorry... I had to. In all seriousness, this announcement comes with such tremendous excitement from our AE'ers that we hardly know what to say. Personally, I cannot wait to collaborate with such a well-run, organized, and friendly facility as well as program. Keep an eye on Wimberley! Amazing things happens when amazing people work together and there already some super cool things in the works!! Blue Moon Farm is working hard to accommodate the additional 4-leggeds and we are co-conspiring all sorts of world domination plans. Stay Tuned! As exciting as this collaboration is, this decision was a hard one for me to make (as my poor clients know). Change is difficult and stepping into a new venture can be quite daunting. Our team has been a key component at Manor Equestrian Center for almost 4 years now. In the horse industry, that's at least 6 lifetimes!

Manor Equestrian Center and Daniel Bedoya have been such an important part of my training career, it's difficult to encompass in a blog post. As an independent trainer, being supported by your barn owner is truly an amazing thing. To have a relationship built on trust and mutual respect is even more so. Daniel has been a father figure, a mentor, a coach, and an inspiration during my time at MEC. We have jumped some bigass fences as well as lost amazing equine partners together. MEC has been pivotal in the growth of our team. The huge arenas, the lounge, Wine Weds, group jumps, crazy ass Kaiya and the rattlesnake, the geographic location and yes, even the hot water, have all been instrumental in building the core group of riders that scramble around wearing yellow dots. I am eternally grateful for this experience and I know my team feels the same. I don't think it has really set in, to be honest. The excitement of our new adventure is just around the corner while things carry on as they always have at Manor Equestrian Center. Daniel and I have had many, many conversations about the direction of the barn and our respective goals; it's strange to think that shortly I will be having those conversations with Laura and Ryan instead. Oh, don't you worry, Daniel and I are still on great terms and I'm sure there will be more cups of Folgers Coffee shared. He will continue to roll his eyes at me for "show jumping like and eventer" and will still out dance all of us at a year end party.

Admit it, the resemblance is striking...

I believe you always carry a little from the trainers, barns, teammates, and great horses you have had the privilege of working with. Part of us will always be MEC, just as part of me will always be a Muddy Creek Farm Barn Rat, a Pea, an Intermountain Equestrianer, and a Wild Rider. I look forward to adding Blue Moon Farm to that prestigious list.

There's a reason we are starting to go by Austin Eventing International... None of this would have been possible without all of your support and belief. Thank you, friends and family. It is in gratitude we step into our next venture! See you in WImberley.

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