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Deb Rosen Clinic: Deb’s Version of the Story

Huge thanks to Deb Rosen for coming to Austin for another brilliant clinic! Since we usually do Rider Recap’s we thought it would be fun to have Deb write about her experience instead! Keep an eye out on the schedule for our next clinic with her Debbie!!

A few weeks ago I made my second trip to Austin, Texas, to teach a clinic for Lisa Bauman’s Austin Eventing team. My plane landed in the middle of the night, apparently having dodged lightning and a tornado. It was June. In Texas. We were rained out. Who knew?

On the drive from the airport, Lisa was already working out plan B. And C. And D. This clinic would happening, come hell or high water! Thanks to flexible students and generous property owners, the weekend clinic went off without a hitch.

Dressage day took place down the road at Cameron Equestrian Center, owned by Kersten Lillejord Levine, who allowed us to use her lovely covered arena. The clinic was full and we got a late start to our first day, so lessons stretched well into the evening. Everyone just went with it and we had a really good time!

Since we were already scheduled for cross country schooling at Meadow Creek on Sunday, Lisa arranged with Robbie Oates Peterson for us to come a day early. We were so lucky to have the use of her super facility for two days! Once again, the crew at Austin Eventing rallied and put the two-hour trip and overnight together in a moment’s notice. Very impressive!

What was most impressive, however, was the riding. Every rider had improved immensely since my last visit, and the newcomers were already with the program, having been meticulously prepared. Lisa Bauman, an accomplished rider in her own right, puts a great foundation on her students and they share her dedication and discipline. I look forward to watching this group in the future!

But the universe hadn’t finished testing our mettle and offered one last test for us: a trailer tire blowout on the way to dropping me off at the airport. Once again, Lisa hit the airwaves and put together a relay team to get me to my plane on time and a pit crew to get her and the ponies back on the road. Such teamwork from the Austin Eventing gang! I can’t wait to be invited back!

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