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Introducing: Tejas Rendez-Vous

I would like to formally introduce the newest member of my herd. This little guy caught my attention when a friend went to look at him. Many of us have soft spots for OTTB rescues and this little guy is no different. My friend had mentioned him briefly and I, being the responsible horse owner that I am, obviously said, “I do not need another horse.”

A week or so went by and my friend shot me a text stating that she wanted me to see video of her riding this horse. Fine. Then I got another text, and another, and another.

Well, the details came in: Super sweet, WTC, some jumping, some polo, in crap condition, one shoe, munched up feet, cheap, and if he doesn’t get sold he goes to slaughter that week.

Every now and then, a horse catches your eye that “shouldn’t”. This horse was a bit like that. So there I was, sight unseen, working out an extensive travel plan to go get a horse (that I don’t need) back to Austin. In fact, the process of bringing him to Manor Equestrian Center was his namesake. He was picked up by a friend about 5 hours away, overnighted, almost hauled to San Antonio where we would have rendezvoused at midnight and so forth. Multiple travel arrangements later, his new name is “Tejas Rendez-Vous” we call him “Rendez”.

Here are some pictures of his arrival after having his feet trimmed:

Two weeks later, this guy is putting weight on nicely and is showing some exciting potential. His manners have remained gentile and his promise under saddle… well, let’s just say, you will be seeing more of him.

I’m pretty darn excited about this guy’s potential. For those of you interested in bloodlines, check out his breeding:

I’m looking forward to bringing this guy along and will do a few updates for his progress. Sometimes, you do need another horse.

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