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Rendez Update: 6 weeks

I’m a week late for a month update on Rendez the OTTB rescue. He has now been in “rehab/training” for approximately 6 weeks.

The very first weekend that he came to Austin Eventing, he got kicked square in the shoulder, went dead lame, and had radial nerve paralysis. {face palm}

Thanks to the quick response of Dr. Moore (who was literally on grounds already for a coggins of said injured horse) we had a tentative game plan and I figured it would just add a bit to the wait on seeing what we really had in this little meat truck pony.

My glowing review at this point: I want a barn full of this horse.

In just a few weeks, this horse has proven to be the sweetest, kindest, bravest horse I have worked with in a long time. (Don’t tell my horses that).

We are taking it slowly, but he is sound and coming on strong!!

Here is a before/after picture:

I feel like one of those acne commercials, where in the first pic the person is dark and miserable and the after picture is all sunshine and rainbows. heh In all seriousness, I’m quite pleased with his progress thus far!

Ok, so glowing body and building him up slowly aside… this horse is harboring a secret. He loves jumping. Loves it. Of course we have done nothing big, but he jumps like his half brother Fiero (Owned by Jackie Gates): super rythm, consistent, and knees to his eye balls. Wmahahahahah!!

In fact, one of my students (Rebecca) has more info on his bloodline and was able to show me a few pics of his cousins:

Fun, huh?!!

Anyway, We are going to keep building along and seeing what this little guy can do. Thank you for your words of encouragement and here are a few pics of this last weekend.

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