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This is an anonymous post from a guest writer. We asked Trainers what they would write if they could share whatever they wanted without worrying about social media backlash or stereotyping. This article does not (necessarily) represent the beliefs of Austin Eventing. Here are their thoughts. Thank you for the outpouring of support for this blog idea.

As a trainer we all want to be successful. We all have fears and doubts that get inside our heads. As a rider left to my own devices I am totally confident in my own abilities. Leave me a horse with a problem and I’m happy, give me a horse that is a hard ride in the jump ring or cross country and I’m extremely confident that everything will be ok.

Put me in a position where I have to examine a rider and horse and I fall down sometimes. Knowing what I’m looking at is not the issue, it’s finding the right way to explain it.

My fear is failure of explanation.

I keep a high standard of training and avoid children at all cost, which is ironic because explaining things to children is far simpler. Fear of being accused of not knowing ones job is common if we are all honest. I’m a big believer in honesty even if it’s not what what one wants to hear.

I am naturally a man of few words which does not help. In a panic I ramble and have to remind myself to take a deep breath.

Letting my students down is not an option for me.

My worst nightmare is hearing respected professionals say he’s ok. Ok is not enough for me. Being a one hit wander in one area of our field is not good enough to be great. We all know there is not really a place of outreach in this industry; we are all competitors in the same world. In an ideal situation we could pick up the phone and ask a colleague how do I run this program or what’s the best format for this spreadsheet.

We have to constantly think on our feet and have the answer on the spot. Sometimes we just need time to work out how to explain the right answer without sounding like we are completely insane. Let’s face it we are slightly to be standing out in the heat and rain to make the living that we have chosen.

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