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Rendez Update: 3 Months

A few of you have asked to have semi-regular updated about Rendez! This little OTTB Rescue horse has a lot of love out there for him.

He has now been in training/rehab for about 3 month. Winter was fairly awful here in Manor, Texas so it was a litte inconsistent couple months. Rendez is just getting better and better. As he fills out, he is slowly starting to lose that wide-eyed look and settling into his routine.

I decided to take him to the Deb Rosen Clinic at Meadowcreek Park. He was quite game in dressage and SJ. The train ended up being a bit of a sensory overload and he showed he athletic pedigree in full force and bucked me right off! HA! As I was already riding with a hand injury, I though it best if I sit out XC with him and focus on my mare instead. (GAH making grown up decisions!!)

Here are a few pics from the sandbox!

Looking fancaaaay!

He may be little, but he is mighty!

So even though I didn’t get a chance to school him XC, all in all we had a great weekend!

In the meantime, we are getting back to work at home and focusing on the all the basics so that he can get and stay confident.

We also added some work done my Karen Duker (referred by Julie Morgan). Karen is currently living in California but came to Austin to do some TTouch and body wrapping and such. That will be a post for another day, but I was quite pleased witht he affect it had on Rendez.

I’m super excited that I think we are confidently working that buck out of him (I’m getting old and kinda hate hitting the deck) and building his confidence daily. Did I mention this guy can jump???

Here is a quick video that McKenna (age 12) took AND edited of Mr. Rendez schooling at home!! Enjoy!!

I can’t wait to get this guy out a bit more!!

Go TB!

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