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Selling Arvo

I have been procrastinating writing this blog post for longer than I care to admit. Even though many of you have an idea that this has already happened, formally announcing it makes it that much more definitive.

It is with the greatest of honors that I share as of this month, I have officially sold Arvo aka “Giving You The Business” to McKenna Anson.

I could not have hoped for a more perfect match and seeing the two of them cruising around is so ridiculously fabulous, I cannot even begin to describe it.

So why would this be hard to write? Arvo was not for sale, until McKenna sat on him one day.

I realize that as a trainer it is part of my job to train and sell horses but every now and then… every now and then you have your horse of a life time.

Arvo is one of those horses.

I literally owe my eventing career to this horse. This saddlebred. Even as I finally committed to writing this, I have no idea how to begin to express my admiration to this horse, my partner, my friend.

I bought Arvo as am 8 month old from Audrey Miles in Wisconsin. Yes, I intentionally bought a saddlebred to event with. He has been my travel partner, camping buddy, XC machine, competition horse, friend, sanity, and inspiration for 9 years.

This is where it all started:

While building his career as a successful eventer, of course we had some fun along the way in the off season…

As our eventing skills improved, thankfully so did our videography skills. Our taste in music, however, remains questionable. Who doesn’t love camping with their equine partner?

Occasionally we were somewhat serious…

It’s all about the adventures we had together.

Mckenna, I can think of no one else I would rather hand the reins over to. (Even if you have him in pink saddle pads now) All I ask is that I get to keep the ride on him for the occasional game of soccer.

With my deepest love and admiration,


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