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May I Introduce…

As we prepare for the Fall Season (world domination) here at Austin Eventing, there are exciting times on hand. After much searching and consideration, I would like to formally announce Becca Speer as our new assistant.

Though new to Austin Eventing, Becca is not new to teaching, bringing her passion and experience to our program; her Pony Club foundation is already making a difference with our newer riders!

While I am thrilled to be working with a person with such high integrity and well defined work ethic, I am equally pleased of her interest in furthering her education. This week Becca will be attending the ICP (instructor Candidate Program) beginning her journey to become a USEA certified instructor. In addition to the ICP program, Becca shares my ‘nerdiness’. We both continue to plot how to become better, stronger, and more well rounded in our equestrian pursuits. It is a very exciting time for both of us! I don’t even want to tell you about the books and flash cards. ahem.

What does this mean for Austin Eventing??

Quite simply, as we continue to build the foundation for our eventual world domination, we can focus on additions to our program at Manor Equestrian Center. Of course this means more availability for lessons, horses in training etc. but it also means we can continue to bring more clinics and slowly add schooling shows and such. Which, of course, just means we are one step closer to world domination. Notice a trend?? eh??

Keep an eye out for Becca and her two lovely horses! You will be seeing a lot of them at up coming horse trials and clinics.

Welcome to the team, Becca!

We also very much appreciate your sense of humor, which is why I thought you would approve of this photo.

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